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How to develop curiosity in students?

This is a question that every teacher should ask. An inquisitive student is someone who not only takes a deep interest in learning the subject but also makes learning fun for those around him. So it becomes extremely vital for any teacher to find out what makes their students more interested in a subject and how to keep those interest levels high. We will try to discuss some methods to keep the students curious.

Reward this behaviour


One way to encourage any behaviour is positive reinforcement. As a teacher, it becomes your responsibility to encourage your students to be more inquisitive and should also make it a practice to praise them when they ask questions or bounce off their ideas about the subject, both within and outside the classroom. Not only will this encourage other students to follow this behaviour, but it will also have a positive effect on their overall learning.

Emphasize the quality of their queries


This is something that will benefit your students in the long run. One problem that teachers face is that sometimes the doubts asked by their students are not very clear. This creates an additional hindrance for both parties. To resolve this problem, teachers should highlight the importance of phrasing their questions in the right manner.

Concentrate on the body language of your students


While it is impossible to analyze every movement of all your students, there are some telltale signs that can tell you if your students are not understanding what is being taught in class. Sometimes your student may seem disinterested in class because of which they may start focusing elsewhere. Other times they may seem fidgety because they want to ask something but cannot do so because of a myriad of reasons. Their facial expressions might also portray a sign of confusion or puzzlement during class. Whenever that happens you need to ask them (either publicly or privately) if they need any help with the class. Instead of blaming them for not being able to grasp the subject, you can encourage them to spell out the thing that is bothering them. This encourages the students to open up and express themselves with no fear.

Encourage Creativity


Several times your students will better understand their lessons if they can witness the practical use of its concepts. There are several ways to do so, like practical experiments, essays, assignments, live projects, video demonstrations, etc. Not only will it force the students to think about the concept at hand but it will also help them come up with their own queries which are going to be resolved during the assignment itself. Another thing you can do as a teacher is to relate your concepts to current or popular events to give your students a better context. So instead of giving theoretical knowledge to your students about a particular topic, try to find news items that can help them not only understand but also relate to the subject.

Encourage Question


Your students should never blindly accept something just because their teacher or some other authority figure tells them to do so. Reasoning and logic should dictate their thought process. Doing so allows them to be curious about things happening around them. That is the only way to have an open-minded outlook towards everything in life.

It is important as a teacher to sow the seeds of inquisitiveness in the minds of our students to get the best out of them. Doing so is the best way to ensure that your students take an interest in your subject and grasp the concepts that you want them to learn.

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