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Managing a school can be challenging. Many factors can come into the picture when you are running school coordination with review boards, parents, teachers, management. To top it off, this has to be done at regular intervals and on a timely basis.

It is hard to believe that even with such complex tasks, with so many people involved, many schools still manage to do the herculean task of managing syllabus using paper. And this task can be made with the help of simple software like School ERP Software.

For ages, schools have been struggling to manage thousands of students and their data. When they adapted school ERP, everything became easy and streamlined.

allLearn is the simplest School ERP Software Solution made for teachers and school management which helps create instant online classes, create online tests, see student performance, share links instantly with students and manage the syllabus.

Now you must be thinking what is school ERP and Syllabus Management and how are they related?

The syllabus is a significant part of lesson planning. Basically, it is a document that outlines the lessons to be taught. It also contains topics to be covered, daily schedule, test coverage, assignments, and marks associated with the topics. Subjects are taught by multiple teachers and it becomes a cumulative effort to design the course. That is where ERP Software can come into the picture.

How can Syllabus Management in ERP Benefit School?

Managing a class can be tedious. Teachers don’t just manage one class, but multiple classes. And a School ERP Solution can take a load off and make teachers more efficient.

Class-wise syllabus management will give a structure to the contents of lessons in such a way that it is easy for children to get a grasp of the subject. It also helps to allot subjects for teachers based on class, section. Plus Subject Tracking System will enable teachers to plan, track subject lessons. It allows teachers to provide a complete schedule and details about the syllabus completion within the stipulated time.

School ERP software can streamline the teaching process with both online and offline teaching. Further, it eliminates the manual work of noting day-to-day activities on the register.

With the help of School ERP and Syllabus Management, the management and administrators can create course modules, update the syllabus, track teachers and students' progress.

This school ERP acts as an all in all solution for teachers and school admin departments. This will help in meeting specific deadlines and tracking the performance. School Management Software can transform age-old register and book system to more efficient, easy and comprehensive system. Syllabus management allows management to maintain the course as per board norms.

Another crowning stroke would be that it helps management to assign a particular class, students and a grading system

With the goal that every child has access to affordable and good quality education, no matter the place or the background, they come from. We believe each and everyone should work towards it. So allLearn’s way of supporting it is by enabling the school and organization with technology that they need and deserve.

School ERP in India

A school ERP software is such a powerful tool for an educational institution that can open up opportunities from time-saving to streamlining the organization.

Let’s cut to the chase. Here are some benefits of the School ERP App.

1. Management Efficiency

The School ERP solution acts as a one-stop solution that connects all the aspects of the school management, administration, teachers, students, and parents. The ERP app significantly reduces the mundane manual paperwork and data entry. This results in less human error, which would have caused problems otherwise. It also eliminates the file or paper storage issue.

2. Accuracy and Access to information

This is one of the important features of classroom management software. This school ERP solution helps to maintain and collect data from management, administration, teachers, students, and parents likewise efficiently. Hence, one can access the necessary data when required, also keep a regular check on the duplicity and obsolete information.

Further, it is important for an organization to maintain and keep handy the relevant data.

3. Improved Coordination

Let’s say there is one file, which has all the information about curriculum, attendance, teachers, exam, fees, admission, assignment properly bifurcated and organised.

Isn’t that heaven?

School ERP software allows you to do that. On the other hand, this enhances communication and coordination among everyone.

4. Budget Friendly

School ERP software should not put a dent in your pocket. These are both web-based and mobile app-based tools. There are so many ERPs for schools out there that are budget-friendly and are powerful enough to streamline the management. If you are looking for a cost-effective School ERP Solution, try allLearn

5. Improved Planning

Imagine all parents have paid their fees, there is no need to follow up with the students or parents. You get fees ON TIME! Yes, that can happen.

School ERP allows you the incredible data and analytics that you can use for your benefits, like reminding parents of fees. This way, you can effectively plan your income versus expenditure.

6 Scalability and Flexibility

A school ERP solution will put school administration out of misery. It can adapt to new working environments, not just traditional school rooms. Handling multiple branches, multiple locations, or multiple schools becomes a cakewalk. All you need is one smartphone.

7. Profitability

The ERP system can reduce administrative costs by reducing manual paperwork and streamlining the process. It also saves admins time and they can focus on something meaningful than maintaining the data.

8. Simplified Access

Depending on what you are using ERP for, all you need is a smartphone.

Well, you can run the classroom management system on a laptop, smartphone or PC, but you can do it from anywhere and anytime.

9. Competitive Advantage

One of the most important advantages. This will make you stand out from the crowd, from the competition.

Your processes are smooth, your classes are running fine, your fees collection is on time, when everything is set, what will stop you from running a successful school?

With the goal that every child has access to affordable and good quality education, no matter the place or the background, they come from. We believe each and everyone should work towards it. So allLearn’s way of supporting it is by enabling the school and organization with technology that they need and deserve.

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Learning is a lifelong process. But it cannot become an enjoyable one until done at a pace that is comfortable for a particular individual. As a teacher, your focus should be more on their quality of learning rather than speed. This is crucial because methods like rote or superficial learning may help your student pass in their exams but they won’t be able to remember much of what they learnt anyway or even put that knowledge to any practical use. You also need to keep in mind that while some of your students may grasp certain concepts quickly, others take more time to get there. So you can use the following methods to make their learning process much easier:

Be patient with them:

Teachers, like the rest of us, are human beings after all. It is natural for you to get exasperated when your student is finding it difficult to grasp something even after you’ve explained it multiple times. But if you react with anger towards them, it will really hurt their confidence and self-esteem. Not only that, but it will also end up making your students feel like failures. And that is the last thing any teacher would want for their pupils. The best way to deal with this situation would be to encourage them to keep trying as well as appreciate their efforts.

Reduce distractions:

Be it a physical classroom or an online one, the best way to make sure that all your students, both fast and slow learners, are studying the subject in an environment that is conducive to learning. And that can happen when there are no unnecessary distractions around them. Ask your students to do the same thing when they are studying in their homes. Doing so will allow them to focus all their energies on the subject at hand.

Shorter Study sessions:

The classroom sessions should be as brief as possible, with multiple breaks in between them. This strategy ensures that the workload or pressure on the students is at a bare minimum and manageable. This is especially important for slow learners because it allows them more breathing space to do some actual learning and reach their true potential.


Anyone who takes more time than others in learning needs that extra bit of care and attention. To achieve this, you need to be more accessible to them so that they can reach you whenever they need help. This also reduces their anxiety and gives them hope their teachers will be there whenever they need any sort of help or guidance. It is something that all teachers need to keep in mind whenever they are dealing with slow learners.

Use newer methods:

You can take the help of audio and visual materials to help your students with their lessons. Not only are these methods more interactive, but they also help them in learning at a much faster rate with better understanding. You can also use live examples to help your students understand the concepts better. These methods will register much more easily in their minds when compared to learning through books. You can use examples they can relate to. This will not only make the whole exercise fin but it will also give your students much-needed confidence which is essential for better learning.

These are some tactics you can use for all your students. Doing so will produce results that will not only help them in their learning in your class but also in other subjects.

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