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Answers to bubbling questions.
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What does Alllearn do?

We help school teachers take more effective classes.

This we do by providing them with a web based tool

1. that helps them in organising content they can use to teach in class and

2. that helps collect each student's feedback on the topics that have been covered.

The performance reports are also made available to principals, parents and students to help them improve. 

What do you setup?

We provide a web based software application. So basically just a username and password would get you started. 

What sort of hardware system will I need in class to use this software?

Our software works on any device that can access the internet but it's easiest to use on a tablet . That way the teachers have a proper screen size to access the content and questions plus most tablets have an inbuilt camera that can be used to conduct camera based feedback sessions. Feedback sessions can also be conducted if the students have a tablet themselves.

Also, it'd in order for the questions and content to be easily visible to the students, we'd suggest that you have a projector or tv if the classroom is big.

It's too costly to setup a projector or tv in each class. How do we get around it?

1. If your class size is small, you can just skip using a tv or projector and use the display on your tablet or computer. 

2. If your class size is big, you can setup a project/ tv in just one of the rooms and schedule sessions for each class so that they can all access the content and questions 1-2 days a week.  

3. If you want to setup projector/ tv in each class, we can help you find some low cost options

Should every class have a computer or tablet?

Not really, we'd suggest every teacher to have one tablet/ laptop. That way they'll be able to access the content and check performance data no matter which class they're in.

What sort of customer service do you provide?

- On email and Whatsapp: We will respond to any message within 8 hours. 

- On phone: We're available 8am to 8pm IST (for paid customers)

The teachers at our school are not very tech savvy, how will you help with that?

Firstly, if you're able to use facebook or youtube or Instagram, our application is no more complicated than those. 


- We provide online live training, recorded videos and small easy to read documents with screenshots on how to use our product

- We provide immediate support on whatsapp, email and phone(paid version) for any issues not matter how small

- Also, if you feel that there's some module or some aspect of the application that need to be simplified, we're always listening to feedback here Just mention "Ideas for improvement" in the subject line and we'll see how to make it immediately

What sort of customer service do you provide?

- On email and Whatsapp: We will respond to any message within 8 hours. Details mentioned in the footer.

- On phone: We're available 8am to 8pm IST (for paid customers)

What if we don't want to use the feedback collection but only the content or test builder or the results module to track how students are doing in paper based tests?

That's completely alright. Think of the application as a repository that is built to help you in any sort of setup you work with. Some of our users only use the app to store test results, some use it only for finding and organising content and some use it for both. You as a teacher, principal or administrator are the best person to decide what's work for your school well. 

Our hope is just that we are able to help you track and improve your students performance and we know that storing performance details in one single place will certainly help do that. 

Does your system work with every curriculum?

We have pre-loaded our system with CBSE(NCERT) curriculum only for now but we realised that no matter what we couldn't build a content or questions as good as the teachers themselves, hence we've opened out system for input from everyone. You can add your own questions, books, videos, notes and images if you find something missing. Once you add, you can choose to make it private to only yourself, your school or to all schools on the platform. 

Where are you based?

Our registered office is in Bangalore and the administrative office is in Gurgaon

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